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Why get a maintenance plan for your air conditioner?  I’ll tell you why – would you buy a car and drive it for ten or twelve years without changing the oil?  How about without checking the air in the tires?  Then why would you buy an air conditioning unit and not have it properly serviced with a maintenance plan?  Many people believe that HVAC units are self-contained units that never need to be addressed until something goes wrong, but this just isn’t the case.  Preventative maintenance plans for your air conditioner can have a major impact on not only the longevity of your unit, but your energy bills as well.  Depending on how important your HVAC unit is to you (Is it for your home?  What about your business?), here are a few reasons to think about paying for a preventative maintenance plan:

An Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan Will Prevent Untimely Breakdowns

Particularly if you have a commercial HVAC unit for your business, it can not only be costly to get an emergency repair for your unit, but it may cost you business as well.  Let’s face it, if your HVAC unit is going to break down, it isn’t going to happen in the middle of winter – it will happen in the summer, and it will likely happen during a heat wave when it is running the most often.  An HVAC maintenance plan will keep your system in peak performance and can warn you of a pending problem weeks or months in advance, giving you time to save money and explore options.  Again, just like your car, an air conditioner needs to have it’s hood popped every once in a while to check the freon and it’s high-friction bearings.

An Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan Can Save You Money

First, keeping your unit topped off with freon, properly cleaned and lubricated can increase it’s efficiency by 30-40%  That’s a lot of money, and more often than not, a service plan is less expensive throughout the course of a year – especially for small businesses.

Second, many people don’t think about their air conditioner until it breaks on a 95-degree day, but did you know that emergency AC service is more expensive?  Think about it, emergency service requires a company to pull technicians off of previously scheduled jobs forcing them to reschedule them for a later date.  This costs time, and time ultimately costs money.   If your AC breaks, make sure you call around and ask the Air Conditioning Contractor how much they charge for emergency service – it usually runs about 20% higher – and remember (shameless plug), ASM provides free emergency service on all of it’s installations.

ASM is proud to offer you the kind of customer service you deserve – whether you purchase one of our maintenance plans or not.  Just remember, that a maintenance plan for your air conditioner may seem expensive now, but will save you money and heartache in the long run.  For more information on maintenance plans and what they can do for you, click here.

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