Companies With the Best Customer Service – ASM’s Goal

Customer service – one of those tricky little catch phrases that is thrown around all too often today. It isn’t just a phrase, but rather a business philosophy. So few companies realize that two thirds of US consumers are willing to pay extra for a company with good customer service. At ASM, we don’t think you should have to. Service is important, and an air conditioning system is a major investment in the health and well being of you and your family – your air conditioner can lower your electric bill and reduce asthma symptoms, so accept nothing less than the absolute best.  But why is it that the contracting industry is known for horrible customer service and what can be done about it?  You shouldn’t have to wait around for someone to call you back, or listen to a computer ask you which department you’d like to be transferred to, but that’s the norm, isn’t it?

Everyone Needs an Idol – Companies With the Best Customer Service

In short, imitation is the ultimate form of flattery.  We have noticed that most of the best companies around the world don’t base their success on a product alone, but rather the combination of product and customer service.  Unfortunately, in the HVAC industry (what is HVAC?), dishonesty and neglect are rampant.  Why?  I don’t know, but can only speculate that it comes from necessity – people will always need contractors.  It’s unfortunate.

When we started ASM we wanted to be different.  It wasn’t about the money, because if it was I’d be flying for the airlines. It was about creating a company that we could be proud of.  We started by looking at the companies we loved doing business with, like USAA, Fed Ex, LL Bean and Lowe’s.  What was it about them that made them different?  We took a hard look at them and eventually found that the answer was staring us in the face all along – it’s not what they have, it’s how you are treated when you do business with them.  You get what you want, and if you aren’t happy, they do whatever it takes to make you happy. So we thought, why can’t we bring that type of experience to the air conditioning industry?

An Unlikely Union – The Air Conditioning Industry and Customer Service – AKA Shameless Plug

Our company is small, but we are honest and competitive.  We utilize minimal onsite inventory and low overhead to stay competitive on pricing, and pair it with the cornerstone of our business – our customer service.  With ASM, you will talk to an actual HVAC professional, and you will be happy with the air conditioning system you receive.  If you don’t like it, we’ll keep at it until you are 100% satisfied.  No questions asked.  We will sit down and customize a system that is right for you.  If you or someone in your home or business suffers from asthma or severe allergies, we will install a system that handles whatever your personal needs may be, and you won’t pay through the nose to get it.  In the end, you will get a system custom tailored for your needs, at a price that often equals or beats our competitors.

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