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• The temperature set on a thermostat of an air conditioner depends absolutely on the personal comfort of a user. But every unit has an optimum temperature range that ensures they’re using energy efficiently. Determine the most energy-efficient temperature range for your unit. Operate your machine mostly within this range.

• Insulated house is very important for an efficient air conditioner. You should use weather-stripping on windows and doors to prevent warm or cool air from leaking outside the house.

• You can use programmable thermostat, which will go a long way in saving you energy cost. You can program it to run at specific temperature at specific times of the day. It can be set to run at very moderate temperatures at usual hours when nobody stays at home.

• Change the filter of your air conditioner at regular intervals as directed by the furnace or filter manufacturer. It will keep the airflow perfect and discourage your machine from working harder and longer.

• Always buy an efficient model of the right size. If your current model is aging and therefore generating frequent repair bills, it is better to discard it. It will also consume more energy in an effort to cool your house.

• It is always wise to have a proactive annual maintenance program for your HVAC system. The technicians will ideally come in spring to tune- up your unit for summer. This kind of maintenance programmes serve you in many ways. Firstly, these are quite cost effective compared to reactive repairs. It prevents sudden and premature breakdowns as the tune-ups help to detect small faults that are resolved before they compound into complex ones. They will keep your system efficient and therefore reduce your energy cost. The contractor will also give you reports about the status of the equipment and come up with useful suggestions. They will clean up the parts and inspect the ductwork. Some manufacturers also want you to have annual maintenance of your air conditioner to keep your warranties valid.

If you are not sure how to get in touch with good maintenance service provider for you AC, then do not panic. The top names are available in our website. The technicians are NATE-certified, experienced, and have good track records. They will offer competitive prices for their services. You can rest assured that you unit is in the best of hands.

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